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LASVIT Lighting Sculpture — “Mist”

Designer: Jitka Kamencova Skuhrava

Primary Material: artistic hand-blown glass


Lampy Lasvit. 

Przedstawiamy nową kolekcję lamp firmy Lasvit zaprezentowaną na Milan Design Week 2014. Maarten Baas, Arik Levy czy Maxim Velčovský to tylko niektóre nazwiska, które projektowały najnowsze perełki Lasvita.



Ross Lovegrove for Lasvit: Nodules

Using glass as an optical reservoir, the Nodules are handmade spherical lenses fused together in the making process to harness the natural physics of the material. A fiber optic light source delivers an intense white light from a remote point so that the relationship between the stem and Nodule is minimized and mysterious. The unique installations rise from the floor in clusters.


Yojiro Noda, RADWIMPS

hmmm…. first one definitely not Noda-san [x]

and on the bottom-left is Kuwahara Akira, the guitarist.